The Genie Formula

January 17th, 2013  / Author: admin
The Genie Formula

A Brighter Future For Mankind

Rex Hudson’s New Book “The Genie Formula.”

Is short, bittersweet, and about the price of a good cup of coffee–it’s going to get even better. You can get it here.

A Genie Formula – Law of Gravity Equation

Have you just about given up on ever getting the Secret to your life?  Well, Rex Hudson is lead singer and guitarist for the Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Rock and Roll band RumbleSound.  And he wrote the book, The Genie Formula.

A Personal Genie Formula Fantasy For You To Read

The Genie Formula is a science fiction, soap opera, love story with all the twists and subplots that true life has to offer. Characters, while fantasy, are just as real as Gandalf or Harry Potter for that matter. Yet, the universe and the future in space are the reality for human beings in this story.

The fictional characters are Dr. Edie Adair, Captain Ben Tock, and one mysterious Mr. X.

Find out which part the gorgeous Dr. Edie exams first on rugged space trooper Captain Tock for youself right now.

Also, wait till you see things that come next in this romance, science, fantasy yarn.

About Rex Hudson

What is really interesting musically about Rex is his gift for singing like other singers. This means he can sound very similar to the artist who he is trying to cover. Sort of like those Elvis impersonators, but he can sing like and cover many different artists, only he doesn’t necessarily impersonate them—he just channels them, if you will, in his singing.  He does a pretty good Elvis too!

The one exception, as is obvious in Rex’s case, is Sir Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones. The similarities there are too uncanny.  That is to say, well, …

You can see for yourself here at Rex’s Wildhorses page.

A Picture of Rex Hudson

rex hudson picture

He writes, sings, plays, and produces.

Dang, up close and personal too–and he can sing like Robert Plant and Mick Jagger! Imagine that.

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About the Author

Rex A. Hudson was born in Louisiana not to far from where Buddy Guy was born. Besides being a book author, Rex is also a singer/songwriter, musician, recording engineer/producer, and business owner. He runs and operates his own Publishing and Production Company called Worldwide Information Supply Enterprises LLC. When he is not writing books, he is either playing guitar or piano or writing songs. His dream is to one-day play, record, and perform with Jimmy Page.




Rex Hudson Introduces YOU to the Genie Formula